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IONIXwill no longer provide hosting services as of June 2023 and you will need to migrate your services to another provider.

We have partnered with Liquid Web to make your hosting migration as seamless as possible. Liquid Web can migrate your web hosting service with minimal intervention on your part and in most cases no downtime.

Sign UpUse the links below to sign up for Liquid Web services and they will provide White Glove service to migrate your website.

EMAIL move your email service, sign up for Liquid Web Business Email (only available as an add-on to hosting)

WEBHOSTING migrate your web hosting, sign up for WordPress hosting (works for both WordPress and standard web hosting)  


What is the deadline for moving my hosting?

Ionix will cease hosting operations on June 1, 2023.

Do I have to move my hosting to Liquid Web?

You can move your hosting to any provider of your choice. Liquid Web is being offered as an "easy" option since they have partnered with Ionix to move your service seamlessly.

Is there a cost to move my hosting?

In most cases there is no charge to move your email or website hosting to Liquid Web from Ionix.

Do I have to use WordPress if I move my site to Liquid Web?

Use of WordPress is optional, however, you must sign up for the WordPress hosting option at Liquid Web, even for standard web hosting.

If I choose to host with someone other than Liquid Web do I need to notify Ionix?

Yes, please email so we can terminate billing for your service.

Why should I trust Liquid Web with my hosting?

Liquid Web has been in business for more than 25 years. They are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. Liquid was hand-selected by Ionix to provide the same great service and support you've enjoyed over the years.

Can I keep my email address?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to retain your email address. You will need to establish service under a new address or register a custom domain for your email.

What if I have prepaid for service?

If you have prepaid for an SSL certificate or registered a domain for multiple years, your certificate or domain will be valid for the entire paid period. If transferring prepaid domain registration, be sure to check with the incoming registrar to ensure they will honor the years you have prepaid.

How do I manage my DNS Settings?

You will need to transfer your domain to a new service provider like Liquid Web or Godaddy. As part of the transfer process, you will need a transfer code. Email to request a transfer code for your domain. If Ionix manages your DNS, you can also request immediate DNS changes by emailing